One Company.
Two Missions.

Our missions:

Build beautiful, fun interactive iOS apps.

Give the community resources to also build beautiful iOS apps.

Our Story

“I just wanted to create an app with design in mind. Something that could be fun and a work of art to use. When I dived into SwiftUI I learned what was possible and want to teach others how to do the same.”

Jaryn Bunney

CEO of company

“So now I'm in the works of building resources for designers and developers to use to make their products more interactive and beautiful.”

“Hopefully this will up-level other people's apps and bring creativity and enjoyment for their users.”

How did you get the idea of Dudel?

I use to play this game when I was a child. You make a shape and then have a friend next to you doodle on top of it to figure out what it looks like. It opened my mind as a child and still does all these years. I wanted to give it a platform for it.