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Can I hire you to develop my app idea?

Maybe, depends on the app you want to build. Please contact us and let us know what product you're trying to develop. If we can't help you with it then we can send you to the right people that can.

What type of resources will there be on this site?

Glad you asked. We are developing resources for you to learn about how to design beautiful iOS apps. Perhaps you're a developer with little to no design experience. Or a designer with little to no SwiftUI experience. We are here to help you make beautiful experiences for your customers.

When will you create more features on Dudel?

We are working on it! We want Dudel to be a fun place for you to spark creativity. Creating more features and experiences is top priority for us and we will be making sure to do that for you.

Can I work at Silly Little Apps LLC?

We are currently not taking applications, but we could be in the future so don't be a stranger.