The creative drawing app that unlocks your imagination.

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Fun app! I’m addicted Dudeling is a great exercise for my right-brained self! Great job keeping this app simple and fun.

Fun lil stress relieverLove this app and the daily weird random shapes that causes me to pause and focus on one thing for 5 minutes out my day

So fun! Love the Wordle-type of one new challenge every day. Super fun and easy! Would love an option to see a gallery of everyone’s “dudels” from the previous day.

Encourages creativity! My 6 kids love taking turns drawing and creating on Dudel Draw! I’m always on the lookout for apps that encourage creativity and ways to stretch our brains, this is just that plus fun!

Fun and minimalist. Had a blast jumping into Dudel.
Super minimal with only 3 screens and it’s perfect, all you need to just jump in and draw. It’s refreshing to see an app not overloaded and doing one thing well!

So fun! I enjoy taking a few minutes of the day to do these daily doodles. Such a fun way to get some relaxing creativity in my day & my kids enjoy getting a turn to draw as well! Definitely worth downloading : )

Creativity unlocked! As a mom, it’s hard to find time to be creative! But this great little app gives me an easy way to get those creative juices flowing! My husband and I like to compare daily drawings and my kids like to get involved too! So fun!

Hilarious! I’m having so much fun with this app. It’s so random! Different people can get the same shape, and come up with totally different things! It sparks my imagination and makes me feel more artistic than I really am. Install this app!

Super fun, simple, and well-designedSuch a joy to use! For such a simple idea, the app is designed really well. I love how light the app is too (doesn't slow my phone down), and the drawing UI is super easy to use.

How do I play?


You’ll get a new shape every day to draw on.


Rotate the shape around to get a new perspective.


Draw on top of shape and release your imagination.


Compare your drawing with your friends.

Start drawing

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